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Christopher Bulone

Christopher Bulone

Associate Attorney

Christopher Bulone

Christopher Bulone, a native of Florida, is now a fast-rising star in California courtrooms where he continues to rack up record results. Mr. Bulone graduated from the public interest minded law school of The University of San Francisco in 2011 and spent his entire career since working tirelessly on behalf of the injured, the forgotten and the abused. For the last three years at the Dordick Law Corporation that experience is almost exclusively in the handling of complex and catastrophic personal injury actions across several states, against many of the world’s largest corporations and most powerful insurance companies.

In 2017 Mr. Bulone handled the matter of Sosa v. DJI Technology, Inc. which culminated in a jury verdict of over thirty-one million dollars ($31,000,000.00). This was the third highest verdict in the State of California during that year. Also, in 2017 Mr. Bulone handled a matter wherein a passenger in a car driven by a drunk driver suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. The matter resolved for seventeen million dollars ($17,000,000.00).

In 2018, Mr. Bulone handled the matter of Holmes v. Perry in Riverside Superior Court trying the case to a jury resulting in one of the fifty largest car accident verdicts in California during 2018. During 2018 Mr. Bulone handled another catastrophic injury case culminating in a settlement of twelve and a half million dollars ($12,500,000.00) in one of California’s most conservative venues. Also, in 2018 Mr. Bulone handled an insurance bad faith matter, a ride-sharing rape case, a motorcycle accident and wrongful death cases all culminating in favorable settlements.

So far in 2019 Mr. Bulone has obtained large settlements in injury cases to include a three million dollar ($3,000,000.00) result in Orange County in a wrongful death matter wherein government investigations found no wrong doing by the defendants. During the course of Mr. Bulone’s relentless discovery, a cover up by the defendants was revealed resulting in the guilty corporation admitting responsibility for the young man’s death.

Earlier this year Mr. Bulone settled an injury case wherein a thirteen-year-old girl was catastrophically injured by a falling eucalyptus tree. Liability was denied until discovery revealed that the defendants should have known of a dangerous problem with the tree that they did not act quickly to resolve. After defeating several summary judgment motions, Mr. Bulone resolved the matter for fourteen million dollars ($14,000,000.00), also in Orange County.

In June of 2019 Christopher Bulone was identified by the National Trial Lawyers as one of the Top 40 Under 40 Civil Plaintiff Trial Lawyers in California.

Mr. Bulone is as an Honorary Board Member in the Los Angeles Trial Lawyers’ Charity (LATLC)

Email: christopher@dordicklaw.com